Monday, October 28, 2013

When you talk out both sides of your butt....

Ben Hall is unfit for office, any office, much less Mayor of a diverse city such as Houston. His campaign staff is unfit to staff a serious campaign making mistake after mistake. Today's screw up, coming after  today's earlier screw up, shows you can't trust Hall with his own taxes, your taxes, or the operation of your city. During a radio interview concerning anti-discrimination ordinances on Houston Matters Hall said:
"We have a clear difference on these issues. The Mayor is supporting a similar ordinance (to San Antonio) where you'd have extension of rights in terms of anti-discrimination laws on the issues of sexuality... whatever the issue may be, I would not support such an ordinance..." 
Oops, because he gave a completely different response on a Harris County Democratic Party questionnaire:
If elected, would you support a citywide non-discrimination policy protecting LGBT Houstonians from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation? YES
And according to Kris Banks:
This is a substantial departure from positions Hall took earlier this year in discussions with Caucus president Noel Freeman, when he offered his support for enacting an inclusive non-discrimination ordinance......
It is clear Ben hall is talking out both sides of his ass depending upon his audience and his campaign is beginning to stink.

Ben Hall for All is full of wit

There is nothing worse than someone running for office trying to bullshit his way through the election. Case in point, Ben Hall defending his record of failure to pay taxes. Here is his ad:

After watching that ad, I was wondering what Hall meant about successfully suing the IRS for $9million. This is what I wondered then:
  1. He sued the IRS and won enough money to pay his back taxes.
  2. He sued the IRS after he was falsely accused of not paying taxes to the city.
  3. He sued the IRS on behalf of a client who then turned him in for not paying his taxes.
  4. He sued the IRS and then he realize he didn't pay his city taxes and that was just a coincidence. 
KHOU has since done a bit of investigation and I wonder no more. From KHOU:
Hall himself didn’t collect $9,000,000 from the IRS. He’s talking about a settlement the IRS paid to a client of a law firm where Hall used to work.
That ad did nothing but continue to raise the question about Ben Hall not paying his taxes and it shows he is trying to bullshit the citizens of Houston. Ben Hall may think this is funny, but he is full of wit.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lt Gov David Dewhurst don't tweet

Leave it to the Dew to shine light on his own stupidity. From the San Antonio Express:

AUSTIN — Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst sent President Barack Obama a letter Tuesday demanding the federal government pick up the tab for the approximate $156.6 million that county jails have spent during the past two years to house undocumented immigrants.

The Dew didn't mention the similar letter he wrote to his buddy President Bush 6 years ago probably because he never wrote one. Instead he puts the blame on the President that has actually worked to secure the border and has called for immigration reform, immigration that Dewhurst's party is not interested in reforming. Someone asked if Dewhurst had ever sent an email, or text, or tweet to President Bush complaining about what he is now complaining about. @DavidHDewhurst response was predictable:

Dewhurst don't tweet.

Dewhurst also fails to mention that his major donors will not allow immigration reform unless they are guaranteed to continue exploiting illegal workers with low salaries and no benefits. This is not Dewhurst's problem, it is his entire party's problem. They are addicted to cheap labor, less regulation, and more profits.

Dewhurst is in a battle for his political career and is trying desperately to win the hearts and uh.., hearts of the Teabag Party. It is not working. Dewhurst will be teabagged again in March and his awful career as a career politician will finally be over.

Tweet that, bitch.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Texas State Representative Sid Miller: Will crap myself for donations

The white wing nuts of the Texas Tea Party are doubling down on being white wing nuts. Take State Representative Sid Miller, an old, fat, white, Teabagger now running for Texas Agricultural Commissioner. Sid has been on the tit of the Government longer than most Teabaggers have been complaining about those who are on the tit of the Government. From the Dallas Morning News:

Outspoken musician, hunter and conservative Ted Nugent, aka Motor City Madman, who in 2012 got a visit from the Secret Service after threatening President Obama, will handle finances for former Republican representative Sid Miller, a recent entrant in the ag race.

Nothing says winning in Texas like putting someone who threatened the President of the United States on your payroll to work to increase your payroll. I can see Nugent coming up with some wango tango slogans for potential donors such as "Will crap my pants for money" or "Will hunt you down like a fuckin dog for donations" or "Give Sid some f*&^ing money you greedy bastard" or "Will shoot you if you don't donate" or "Suck on my machine gun or give Sid some money".

Yeah. This ought to work out just fine for Sid.

Tx Congressman Steve Stockman on dope

Tx Congressman Steve Stockman's (Tea Party- Texas) district contains the federal facility of NASA/Johnson Space Center. So you would think that Stockman would be working to securing funding for space exploration but instead he is more worried about smoking dope. From the Chronicle:

Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Friendswood, has recently backed a bill to require federal officials to comply with state marijuana laws, which was introduced in April and has since garnered support from Congressmen on both sides of the aisle.

We have a better chance of putting a man on Saturn before legally smoking dope here in Texas, but that doesn't stop this wacko from blowing when no man has blown before. As others have said, Stockman is a wacko. He is not mentally sane. He is less politically sane. He thinks this job he landed as Congressman is a game of out wacko-ing each other in the Texas delegation. He has done little if anything for the community and little to warrant his reelection. As another blogger said:

Let’s be perfectly clear about this: Steve Stockman is a whackjob, a terrible Congressman, and a reprehensible human being.  

I agree. As Stockman blows dope, NASA will hope for better legislative leadership. Hopefully what is left of the republican party in the Clear Lake area will put this man back on the streets where he came from in the March primary. Pdiddie and Kuff have more.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

There's no place for Dome

I believe most of Harris County Commissioners are not interested in saving the Astrodome, but are interested in saving face by acting like they are interested in saving the Astrodome. As a perfect example take the horrible ad they created to encourage voters to vote for the $217 Million referendum to save the Astrodome from being demolished:

Insert Ad Here

Well shit! I can't even find the damn commercial that some ill funded PAC, endorsed by Judge Ed Emmitt, produced. Hell if a blogger can't find a video to make fun of, then it probably can't be found by anyone wanting to make fun of it. It's not that I haven't seen it. I have, and it sucks. It relies on people's sentimental value of the Dome and not much else especially what we will get for $217 Million!

Living in Clear Lake I have not seen commercials advocating for the Astrodome. I haven't seen the Facebook ads. I haven't seen a tweet calling to SAVE THE DOME! I haven't seen the multi-colored door hanger. If the County Commissioners were really that interested in saving the Astrodome they would have done something substantial to do so. They didn't.

And there is now no place for Dome. Mission accomplished. Face saved. Dome gone.

I am Ben Hall and I approve this message....whatever it is

Sometimes after you have dig a deep enough hole, you just need to keep your damn mouth shut and hope no one makes fun of you. Case in point, Ben Hall candidate for the Mayor of Houston. Watch his recent youtube ad and try to figure out what his message is.

So, Ben Hall's inability to pay his back taxes prior to running for Mayor continues to be in the media by the Ben Hall campaign and he sued the IRS for $9Million. So what was the message? Maybe:
  1. He sued the IRS and won enough money to pay his back taxes.
  2. He sued the IRS after he was falsely accused of not paying taxes to the city.
  3. He sued the IRS on behalf of a client who then turned him in for not paying his taxes.
  4. He sued the IRS and then he realize he didn't pay his city taxes and that was just a coincidence.
The message Ben Hall is sending is clear: "I am not capable of defining the message that I approve or run a city I owe taxes to." I am John Cobarruvias and I approve this humor.

Gregg Abbott in defense of "One man. One woman. At one time"

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott is doubling down on the dog whistles to his sort-of-conservative base and his donors. This time he is defending the traditional marriage of one man, one woman, at one time. From his website:
We need your help. Texas is the last best hope for our nation.
Sign the petition today to keep marriage between one man and one woman.
Much like his defense of the Constitution, Abbott will pick and choose what he considers to be "traditional" marriage. It is clear he will defend to the end the right of every conservative to get married and divorce over and over and over again. Many of his dear friends including Lt Governor David Dewhurst and Senator Dan Patrick are riding their second wives and many so-called conservatives in the Legislature are riding their 3 or 4th spouse. This does not seem to bother Gregg Abbott.

As long as he can blow the dog whistle, rattle his ignorant base, and drop a few coins on his campaign, he could care less who or how many times you marry, just as long as it is between one man and one woman.

At one time.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ben Hall and Helena Brown call for lower tax rate

Houston City Councilman Helena Brown and Mayoral candidate Ben Hall have something in common. They both support lowering the city's tax rate and for good reasons.

Helena Brown is the senior Tea Party member, actually the only Tea Party member, on City Council. She is not capable of thinking past the words "tax cuts". This is what they run on, cutting taxes. She simply doesn't know any better. Ben Hall, on the other hand, has a better reason for calling for cuts in tax rates. From his many press releases:

“By implementing forward thinking policies, we can reduce the tax burden on individuals, drive additional economic investment, and increase tax revenue for the city. A two cent property tax rate decrease is a necessary first step in that direction.”

He continued:
"Besides, by lowering the tax rate it gives me an opportunity to pay less back taxes once the liberal media finds out I am delinquent and running for Mayor."

OK. Hall didn't really say that but given the controversy surrounding his taxes his staff should have just left this issue alone for a while, but it is clear his staff isn't the sharpest bowling ball in the tool shed. Look for Helena Brown to endorse a Tea Party slate of candidates including Hall and Eric Dick.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tea Party Ted Cruz is now whining like a little....

Leave it to Ted Cruz to start whining about "animosity and venum" to divert attention from his epic $24 Billion face plant concerning the furlough. From PoliticusUsa:
CNN Dana Bash put on her concerned face, and asked Sen. Cruz about threats to his personal safety. Cruz used his answer to suggest that the left was to blame for threats against his safety. Cruz said, “You know, some of that is a natural outgrowth of the animosity and venom. You know, I have to admit that I read Twitter daily, and I actually read a lot of those on the far left who are attacking me daily with incredible personal venom and nastiness. I think that’s really unfortunate. We should be able to treat each other with civility in public discourse. We should be able to treat each other with respect. I very consciously do not reciprocate the attacks that are launched my way, and in fact I don’t defend myself.”

Oh f*&^ing please. Maybe Teddy might want to look at some of the things his teabagger friends have said about their political opponents. Or the crosshairs his insane sister, Sarah Palin, put on her political enemy. Or the groups of tea baggers who are encouraged to bring firearms to rallies. Or the "animosity and venom" from his supporters, Rush, Coulter, and the Teabag TV station, FoxNews. Give me a frickin break, you wuss.

Cruz needs to man up, quit whining, and grow a Texas pair. Cruz is giving whiny little bitches a bad name.

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson to support open breast feeding rally

After coming off a semi successful rally for gun rights at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson has voiced his support for a rally for women across the state to openly breast feed. Patterson made similiar comments during the recent gun rally:
By agreeing to speak to this rally at the Alamo, I am doing what I think is best to ease the fear that has gripped our state and our nation when it comes to breast feeding. Texans — and Americans in general — shouldn't be defined by our fears but by our freedoms. We are stronger than that.

The fact that many Texans feel comfortable with only women displaying their breasts isn't normal, historically speaking. Breastfeeding citizens shouldn't be alarming in a free society.

Others are not so convinced about the rally. "Patterson is nothing but a giant tit." Patterson countered "With so many tea party members on the tit of the government, this rally should be a welcomed sight!"

Friday, October 18, 2013

Steve Stockman is boldly going where no man has gone before.

What is Texas Congressman Steve Stockman accomplishing for NASA? I am glad I asked. The first 5 seconds of the following will answer that question:

Is Stockman working to insure NASA has funding for long term missions to the Moon and Mars? He is working to secure funding for NASA' long term future or the advancement of commercial vehicles to serve the Space Station? Or is he helping to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before?

No. After spending the last 16 days on the bottom of the lowest polls in the history of polls, Stockman is working to impeach the President, or at least spending money to find an excuse to impeach the President. Luckily the President hasn't started an unnecessary war. Only God knows what Stockman would have done!

Congressman WackoBird is serious about his journey to the unknown:

(Opposing Views) Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) recently arranged for the delivery of an anti-Obama impeachment book to all 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The book, Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office...

So when the rocket scientists are wondering why the funding for projects at JSC continue to be cut, you can thank your Congressman, Steve Stockman. He is truly lost in space.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Houston Chronicle dumps on their endorsement of Ted Cruz

The Houston Chronicle endorsed Ted Cruz over the tea party wannabe David Dewhurst but it seems like they are souring on it.

"Ted Cruz has become the poster child for the Tea Party. He is ignorant of the law, has no respect for the law, and believes he above the law. He truly is one *ucked up teabagger."

That wasn't a quote from the Houston Chronicle. That was mine. The Chronicle couldn't say something that blunt, after all they have a reputation to uphold. This is what they are saying now:

When we endorsed Ted Cruz in last November's general election, we did so with many reservations and at least one specific recommendation - that he follow Hutchison's example in his conduct as a senator. Obviously, he has not done so. Cruz has been part of the problem in specific situations where Hutchison would have been part of the solution.

See? That is so much better than saying  "He truly is one *ucked up teabagger.". Here is what they said when they endorsed him:

We expect Cruz as the senator from the Lone Star State to spend his energies standing up for Texans of every background and economic station, representing their best interests from health care and education to energy, space and medicine. 

In the words of Rick Perry, OOPS!  Ted Cruz hasn't done any of that crap. He probably can't spell NASA and the only health care he is concerned about is his own from the Federal Government and from Canada. I can't fault the Chronicle for jumping on the Cuban-American-Candadian lifeboat with Cruz over his opponent Paul Sadler:
Cruz's Democratic opponent, Paul Sadler is a longtime state representative from East Texas who has been out of public life since 2003. He's the type of moderate Texas Democrat with pro-growth, business-friendly views whose forebears ran this state for generations, but whose party has not won a statewide election since 1994. There's a lot we admire about Sadler, particularly his demonstrated ability to reach across the aisle and work productively with his political opponents for the good of Texas.
Oh wait. Yes I can blame them.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Had enough of the lunatics of the Tea Party?

See at an End the Furlough Rally Sign says it all.

David Dewhurst trying to avoid a teabagging. Again.

From the Texas Tribune
Getting teabagged by loonie tunes Ted Cruz was enough for Texas Lt Gov David Dewhurst. To avoid being teabagged again, Dewhurst has made a far, far, right turn appealing to the wackos of the tea bag party calling for the impeachment of the President. It isn't going to work. From the Texas Tribune:

“This election is about protecting you and your freedoms, which are given to you by God, but which are being trampled on by Barack Obama right now. I don’t know about you, but Barack Obama ought to be impeached,”

Uh...the rights provided to you here in the United States is provided by the Constitution not God and no one has lost any rights except for the 7th Amendment of the Constitution, which Dewhurst has not and will not fight for. Of course Dewhurst modified his statement by saying:

“I’m a private citizen, and that happens to be my view,” he said. “The man has committed crimes that do not warrant his staying in office. And besides I don't want to be teabagged again. The first time was humiliating. Have you ever been teabagged? Seriously dude. If I don't steer into never never far right wacko land, these wacko bird tea party people are going to teabag the crap out of me!"

Ok. He didn't really say all of that, but you know he is thinking it. Dewhurst is doomed to be perpetually teabagged starting in March of 2014.

Sunday, October 13, 2013